Refining India

24-25 September 2018, Shangri-La Hotel, New Delhi

2017 Programme


17th September 2017 Pre-Conference Seminar

1430 — 1830


Crude Diet Flexibility: Taking Advantage of Opportunity Crude

We greatly regret that as a consequence of disruption caused by the recent floods in Houston Baker Hughes are unable to attend Refining India this year and that their pre-conference seminar has therefore had to be cancelled.



18th September 2017 Day One

0800 — 0845

Registration and Networking Tea

0845 — 1030

Plenary Session

Chairman:  Nic Allen, Managing Director

Crambeth Allen Publishing (PTQ), UK

0845 — 0900

Welcome/Opening Remark:

Adarsh Soni, Chairman, Organising Committee


About the Conference:

Nic Allen, Managing Director

Crambeth Allen Publishing (PTQ), UK

0900 — 0915

Keynote Address

R Ramachandran, Director – Refineries

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd

0915 — 0930

Inaugural Address by Chief Guest

Sanjiv Singh, Chairman

Indian Oil Corporation

0930 — 0945

Vote of Thanks:

Anand Kumar, Member, Organising Committee


0945 — 1015

Networking Tea sponsored by



1030 — 1230

Session I: Opportunity Crudes Processing
John Rogers, Regional Strategic Manager



1030 — 1100

Residue Upgrading – Options and Economics

Rajiv Narang, Director – Process Economics Program

Gajendra Kumar, Associate Director – Process Economics Program

IHS Markit, India

1100 — 1130

Refining Challenges in a BS-VI Ultra Low Sulfur Gasoline World

Ashish Logani, Process Technology

Fluor Daniel India Pvt Ltd

1130 — 1200

Process Any Crude Oil with Confidence

Manish Joshi, Engineering Manager – Emerging Technologies

Jeffrey A. Zurlo, Global Marketing Strategy – Refining

GE Water & Process Technologies

1200 — 1230

Processing Waxy Opportunity Crudes

Dr. Werner Reimann, Global Marketing Manager


1230 — 1330

Networking Lunch sponsored by


1330 — 1530

Session II:  Opportunity Crudes Processing & Energy Efficiency

Chairman:  V S Shenoy, Director – Refineries

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd


1330 — 1400

Catalyst Technology and Response Strategy for FCC Feed Change

Tie-Pan Shi, Technical Director – International Business

HCpect (Qingdao Huicheng Environmental Technology Co Ltd)


1400 — 1430

Raising Energy Efficiency to Enhance Refining Margin and Curtail Carbon Footprint

Chiranjib Haldar, Process and Technology Delhi Operating Centre

Tecnip India Ltd

1430 — 1500

Unveiling Your Plant’s Energy Saving Potential                          

Nicolas Menet, Consulting Services Sales Manager                                 Performance Programs Business Unit


1500 — 1530

Networking Tea sponsored by



1530 — 1800

Session III:  Fuels Production I  

B V Ram Gopal, Executive Director-Panipat Refinery

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOCL) 

1530 — 1600

ExxonMobil SCANfiningTM: A Proven Option for Producing     Ultra-Low Sulfur Clean Gasoline

Rajeev Katta, Strategic Account Manager


1600 — 1630

Liquid Phase Hydrotreating Technology for Diesel

Dr Xu Youming, Regional Representative – Technology & Marketing – SINOPEC Hong Kong Representative Office

China Petrochemical Technology Co Ltd (SINOPEC TECH)

1630 — 1700

Integrating Petrochemicals & Fuels: Monetizing the Intermediates with Deep Chemical Conversion

Sushree Chaudhuri, Process Engineering

Fluor India

1700 — 1730

Producing Ultra-low Sulfur Diesel in the Most Optimal Way

Raju Chopra, GM & Sr. Business Development Manager

Haldor Topsoe India Pvt Ltd


1730 — 1800

Orifice Chamber in FCCU: Design & Troubleshooting

Dr. S.K. Mazumdar, Executive Director (RT)

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.  (IOCL)


1800 — 1815

Chairman’s Summing Up followed by End of Day One


19th September 2017 Day Two

0800 — 0845

Networking Tea

0845 — 1115

Session IV: IIOT

Chairman:  Sivakumar Narayanaswamy, Research Manager

Frost & Sullivan

0845 — 0915

The Digital Twin: Real and Gaining Ground

Anand Vishnubhotla, General Manager

Advanced Solutions Asia-Pacific


0915 — 0945

IIOT Making Financial Impact in Refineries

Ritesh Patil, Associate Director – Solution Business Head

Emerson Automation Solutions

0945 — 1015

IIOT: Making Predictive Maintenance a Reality

Justin Thomas, Global Sales Manager

Schneider Electric Software

1015 — 1045

The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence – Foreseeing manufacturing in the Cognitive Era

Sivakumar Narayanaswamy, Research Manager

Frost & Sullivan

1045 — 1115

Networking Tea sponsored by



1115 — 1345

Session V:  Fuels Production II

Chairman:  A S Basu, Head – Refinery Operations

HPCL – Mittal Energy Ltd

1115 — 1145

Reliable Vacuum Column Operating Pressure

Peter R Corbelli, Senior Application Engineer

Graham Corporation

1145 — 1215

How FCCUs Benefit from Rezel Performance Driven Value         Catalysts

Jayden Yin, Overseas Marketing Director

ReZel Catalysts Corp

1215 — 1245

Reformer Tubes in a Steam Methane Reformer

Antonin Steckmeyer, Senior Engineer – Metallurgy & Technical Support

Manoir Industries

1245 — 1315

Challenges in Production of BS-VI (EURO-VI) Diesel at MRPL

M Venkatesh, Director – Technical

Mangalore Refinery & Petrochemicals Ltd (MRPL)

1315 — 1415

Networking Lunch sponsored by


1415 — 1545

Session VI: Fuels Production & Delayed Coker Operations   

Chairman:  C Manoharan, Director – Refinery

Essar Oil Ltd

1415 — 1445

New Vistas in Fluid Catalytic Cracking Technology

Pramod Kumar, Chief Manager—R&D

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd (HPCL)

1445 — 1515

Coker Furnace Run Length 

Dr Niaz Mustafa, Senior Vice President – Commercial

Heurtey Petrochem (Axens)

1545 — 1615

Delayed Coking Solutions for Maximising Bottom of the Barrel Conversion

Srini Srivatsan, Director – Coking Technology

Amec Foster Wheeler

1615 — 1645

Networking Tea sponsored by


1645 — 1830

Session V: Contaminants & Corrosion

Chairman: B K Namdeo, Chief Exec-Petro Chem Project

Kaveri Napthol LLP 

1645 — 1715

Material Solution for Heater Tubes with High Resistance to Polythionic Acid together with Napthenic Acid Corrosion in Refinery Environments

Shabareesh Nair, Sr Manager – Sales & Marketing

Tubacex India Pvt Ltd

1715 — 1745

Desalting Operations for Opportunity Crudes

Mr Tom Collins, Vice President

Dr Isis E Mejias, Sales/Process Manager

Forum Energy Technologies

1745 — 1815

Chairman’s Final Summing Up & Vote of Thanks followed by End of Conference