Refining India 2020

28-29 September 2020, Shangri-La Hotel, New Delhi


Refining India has now been running for eight years.

In putting together our events we are fortunate to be able to draw on the editorial resources of PTQ, the world’s leading Quarterly magazine covering developments in refining, gas and petrochemical processing, as well as our distinguished Organising Committee in Delhi, comprising:

A Soni, Chairman
Uday Kulkarni, Convenor
RK Gupta
SC Tandon
Anand Kumar
MK Joshi
G Sarpal
RK Ghosh
Ajay Deshpande

We also benefit from co-operation with IDS, which has provided technical consultancy and engineering services to the chemicals, petrochemicals, petroleum refinery and oil and gas industries for approaching 50 years. IDS is led by Dr I.B. Gulati, an eminent petroleum technologist and a former director of the Indian Institute of Petroleum.