Call for Papers

After two years without the opportunity to meet in person, the 9th edition of Refining India will reunite engineers and senior representatives from global operating and refining technology companies in New Delhi on October 10-11th.

This is your opportunity to bring your innovative technology, project, insights or case-study to the attention of an unrivalled cross-section of senior-level attendees from India's major refining companies.

What we're looking for

As the world transitions towards zero-carbon emissions, product demand from refinery operations in India remains strong as markets such as gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel drive demand. Currently, India's primary focus is on securing oil supply, but the shift towards renewable feedstocks and biofuels cannot be ignored, nor the integration of petrochemicals into traditional refinery configurations.

If you are leading the way in the development of, or have valuable industry insights on, one or more of the below listed topics, we want to hear from you. 

Please note: the below list is not extensive and the topics shown are intended as guidelines only. We also welcome submissions that go beyond the below listed topics. 

- Refining / Petrochemicals Integration

- Hydrogen in Refining and Petrochemicals

- Carbon Capture and Storage

- Piped Hydrogen Grids

- Digitalisation, Analytics, AI and Machine Learning

- Process Optimisation and Energy Efficiency

- Crude-To-Chemicals

- Plastic Waste Recycling

- Upgrading Mass Transfer Capabilities

- FCC / Hydrocracking / Hydrotreating / Hydroprocessing

- Increasing Thermal Conversion Capacity

- The Future of Delayed Coking

How to submit

Please send a 200-word abstract to by 20 May 2022.

Your submission should include much more than your own claims: As a minimum, please demonstrate proof of concept through commercial application and an explanation of the key takeaways offered.







What happens next?

After the deadline, all submissions will be evaluated by our independent editorial team, headed up by PTQ Magazine's editor, Rene Gonzalez.

You will be contacted via email by the end of May to confirm whether your submission has been successful.

More details will then follow with regards to your presentation, timeslot and other event requirements.

Have a question?

If you have a query regarding your submission, please contact

For all other event enquires please contact