Day 1 - Monday 10 October 2022

Inaugural Address

Mr Shrikant Madhav Vaidya
Chairman ,
Indian Oil Corporation

Mrs Vartika Shukla,
Chairperson & Managing Director,
Engineers India

Mr Ashish Puntambekar,
Former Vice President, Strategic Planning,
Reliance Industries

Ms Laura Leonard,
Vice President & General Manager,
Honeywell UOP

Session 1: Resid upgrading ​

  • Repurposing resid upgrading objectives to support sustainable solutions, Wood plc
  • FCC residue upgradation to higher propylene yields, Axens India
  • Transitioning to residue upgrading: A value-added proposition towards sustainable refinery operations, Engineers India

Session 2: Carbon capture & emissions control strategies

  • Digital energy management systems, KBC (A Yokogawa Company)
  • Carbon capture & utilization at IOCL Koyali Refinery, Dastur International & Dastur Energy
  • Lowering CO2 footprint in the fuels sector while maximising profits through advanced catalyst testing, hte
  • Sulphur degassing to reduce emissions, Ametek
  • Economic evaluation for SOx emissions reduction from FCC regenerator flue gas, Sinopec Research

Session 3: Managing conversion unit complexity

  • Enhancing refinery & petrochemical integration, CM (Tech Services)
  • Achieve high margins with integrated refinery/petrochemical schemes, KBR
  • Valorisation of olefinic refinery offgas, Technip Energies
  • Reconfiguring naphtha splitters at BPCL Mumbai Refinery with DWC technology, Bharat Petroleum Corporation
  • Upgrade equipment metallurgy to valourise chloride - containing feedstocks & other corrosive components, Sandvik Materials Technology

Session 4: Building petrochemical to plastics value chains

  • Petrochemical integration with state-of-the-art technology at Panipat & Gujarat refineries, Indian Oil Corp, Refinery Headquarters
  • Blue hydrogen with ultra-low carbon intensity, Topsoe

Day 1 will finish with networking drinks, kindly sponsored by 
Continue your conversations into the evening and relax over a few drinks with your peers at the end of the first day.

Day 2 - Tuesday 11 October 2022

Session 1: Digital automation

  • Integrated digital twin solution for advanced optimisation for crude & hydrotreater units, Bharat Petroleum Corporation
  • Digital transformation of component repair for highest compressor uptime, Hoerbiger
  • Digitalisation & advanced analytics-optimisation of heat exchanger train efficiency, Indian Oil Refinery Headquarters & ​
  • Digital twin for refinery-wide emissions model, BPCL Kochi Refinery

Session 2: Increasing ROI, complexity & efficiency

  • Boosting profitability by maximising hydrocracking unit performance, Alfa Laval
  • Sustainability solutions for naphtha technologies, Honeywell UOP ​
  • Process optimisation & energy efficiency case studies, Engineers India
  • Ensure maximum precious metals return to your bottom line, Sabin Metals Corporation

Session 3: Emerging technology

  • Pyrolysis 2.0: Converting plastic waste to BTX, Koch Technology Solutions
  • Innovative desalting ​ chemistry to help expand the crude basket, Dorf Ketal Chemical
  • Processing of waste plastics through coker unit at Digboi Refinery, Indian Oil Corporation, R&D Division

Session 4: Controlling the refinery and resolving thermal & mass transfer challenges

  • Design of natural convection finned tube air cooler at CCRU unit of IOCL Mathura Refinery, Indian Oil Corporation
  • Project I-Drive: Digital readiness & IT vision enablement, Indian Oil Corporation, Refineries Division
  • Novel crude oil processing scheme for reducing crude distillation (CDU) operating costs, CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum
  • Implementation of FT-NIR analyzers applied to final optimisation for final gasoline & diesel blends in the refinery, ABB India