This year's conference will explore key themes shaping the future of India's refining and petrochemicals industry.

Refining India 2024 will address a range of crucial topics, from enhancing profitability and optimising FCC unit performance to improving refinery turnarounds and accelerating carbon capture deployment. Additionally, the conference will delve into emerging hydrogen technologies, offering insights essential for industry advancement.


  • Catalyst Regeneration: Achieve a higher unit performance & significantly reduce CO2 footprint
  • Reciprocating Compressor Efficiencies: Discover how AI can extend maintenance intervals and get the most out of reciprocating compressor parts
  • Accelerated Carbon Capture Deployment:  Establish how to accelerate the deployment of carbon capture technologies
  • Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier Solution: Gain a first-hand understanding of liquid organic hydrogen carrier solutions
  • FCC (Fluid Catalytic Cracking): Boost profitability and achieve best performance of FCC units
  • Decarbonisation of Ethylene Crackers: Establish strategies for decarbonisation if ethylene crackers
  • Waste heat recovery:  Explore Waste heat recovery & decarbonisation applications in refining & petrochemicals
  • Refinery turnaround optimisation:  Optimise your refinery turnaround adopting Techno-economic study learnings
  • Converting Lignin to valuable chemicals:  Uncover how integrating 2G Biorefinery converts Lignin into valuable chemicals
  • Sustainable crude-to-chemical complexes: Finding key profit drivers for sustainable crude-to-chemical complexes
  • Hybrid fuel blending model: Explore a hybrid model for the fuel blending control & optimization system
  • E-fuel technologies: Discover E-fuel technology for CO2 utilization into SAF or petrochemical feedstock
  • New H2 Technologies: Leveraging new H2 separation membrane technology in blue H2 production
  • Process Control & Energy Savings: Achieve optimised process control & energy savings management
  • Precious Metal Catalysts: Establish control points for profit protection of Precious Metal Catalysts

Don't miss this opportunity to hear leading industry insights , learn about cutting-edge developments in the refining industry, plus networking with senior executives and engineers from India’s leading refining companies.

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